Hold onto your hats, because JUNGLE INVADERS are back with another strictly limited edition vinyl release. INVADERS002 sees a producer we are already familiar with (having just sat in the interview seat with us less than two months ago!) upon the buttons. Charla Green steps in to deliver two certified jungle heaters…

Track 1 entitled ‘Hard Future’ eases us in gently with lush pads and a gentle vocal sample over spacey breaks. Around the 1:30 mark, the breaks somewhat intensify as Charla takes us into that familiar dancefloor rinse-out that all good jungle tunes should provide. The production continues to progress in consistently interesting ways throughout, creating contrast between the breaks-filled mayhem and moments of clarity that provide a sense of relief for the listener.

Reaching its crescendo around 4:30 in, the previously clean 808 bassline is now distorted, adding an intensity that we find accompanied by a pleasant selection of warped female vocal samples. Not to mention the old-school sounding hip-hop sample; “hardcore, like shit you get kicked out the yard for. “

Track 2 is titled ‘Tell Dem’, presumably after the vocals that we are straight-away introduced to over a jazzy hip-hop rhythm during the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of the tune. As the classic breaks fill out the production, there is a laid back feel that remains throughout. Reminiscent of the intro, everything has a kind of loose vibe and while there is energy present, I found it filled me with a sense of calm. A wind-down tune perhaps, for when you’re still on the dancefloor at 5am and starting to go strange from sleep deprivation.

This release, just like Sam Binary‘s 001, has an undoubtedly old-school feel to it that further cements the sound Jungle Invaders seem to be all about. We are excited to hear what the future brings for all involved.

INVADERS002 will be available Tuesday 19th November on 10″ vinyl from the Jungle Invaders BigCartel store: https://jungleinvaders.bigcartel.com/products

Charla Green (2019)