Our review series kicks off with a couple of certified junglist-heaters ready to tear up dancefloors across the UK and beyond. Please prepare yourselves for Sam Binary’s ‘Dreams of 96’, available now on the brand-new label: ‘Jungle Invaders’. 

I was thrilled to receive these tracks in my inbox from Bristol’s one and only Chris (of DE-TU, Green King Cuts & Transient Audio). Anyone into the UK dubstep scene will be familiar with his exports. Well established in the realm of heavyweight bangers at 140bpm, I was excited to hear what was gaining his backing at faster tempos. I was not disappointed. 

The releases’ first track, suitably named ‘Dreams of 96’, opens with atmospheric pads and a slow build-up into the first drop which has a surprisingly chill feel to it. Expect a lush clarity in production with finely chopped breaks and minimal atmospheric melodies here. But don’t get too comfortable. As we approach the 2-minute mark, elements begin to drop out and the beat deconstructs preparing us for change. 

At 2:15, we drop into an old-school breakbeat vortex that is sure to have your face looking as though you just ate an entire lemon. Commence the gun-fingers. The gritty bassline, intensified breaks and use of samples are sure to leave any old school junglist satisfied, while the superb levels of clarity in production should keep the new-school kids happy too.  

Track 2, however, feels much more tuned for the old-school heads exclusively. Dusty, programmed drums (as opposed to the clean breaks in track 1) give it the feeling of those original early-90s jungle records. With the track’s title being ‘Dubplate Style’, it is safe to assume this effect was intentional. A top-notch homage to the old-school sound. 

To summarise, this release has everything I look for in a jungle record. An incredibly strong starting point for the label and an exciting introduction to the producer. Safe to say, Jungle Invaders and Sam Binary are two names I will be keeping a close eye on from here on out.

Strictly limited-edition vinyl with only 50 copies available. You’d be a nuttah to miss it. Grab yours here:

Sam Binary (2019)