This week’s interview sees us sat down with one of the most unique producers in 140 right now. With releases this year alone on White Peach, Encrypted Audio and Duploc, we couldn’t wait to hear what Rygby had to say…

SSC: In your own words, who are you and what do you do?

R: I am Joe Bloggs aka Rygby aka Yung Skyggerz, and I am a musician.

SSC: So, how was the journey? What started it all off and how did that lead you to where you are today?

R: The journey has been good so far, for sure! Started off this obsession at about age 14 – was messing around on my dad’s computer and I saw he had Logic on there and that was it. It just clicked straight away and I’ve been fixated with making music on the computer ever since. After a couple of years just making tunes on my own, my uncle helped me to buy a DJ controller and I started playing house parties and school functions. I was 16/17 around that sort of time and that was when I started calling myself ‘Rygby‘, got my first EP signed and the rest is history.

SSC: Who are the main influences for you, musically?

R: Within the sphere of 140-ish club music most influential names for me were people like – Digital Mystikz, Burial, Caspa, Kromestar, Cluekid, Joker – especially back when I started.

SSC: What do you consider the highlight of your music career so far, and why?

R: Oossshh that’s tough, man! Different things for different reasons you know. Getting messaged by Ryan from Sound Boy Ent in NYC to book me to play in the states for the first time was a crazy moment for me – felt like a real line in the sand, you know? Want to mention the Encrypted Takeover we did in Poznan, Poland last year – that whole trip was just bananas… 

SSC: Any moments you’d rather forget?

R: Haha! Not that I’m comfortable publishing online!

Rygby (2019)

SSC: You’re debatably one of the most unique sounding producers in dubstep right now, with tunes such as ‘Pasquilina’ being a prime example. Is there any specific approach or mindset you have to create music with such originality? 

R: Respect – that’s high praise, appreciate it! My process is very ad-hoc – I like to just head straight into things without any clear idea of what I’m aiming at and see what happens. The main thing for me is composition and trying to mix up different techniques of songwriting. Plus I don’t like to stay in one place for too long – I try not to ever make the same song twice if you know what I mean.

SSC: Anyone we should be keeping an eye on right now? Any particular artists / DJs standing out to you?

R: There are so so many talented producers I could pick for this (sorry everyone) but I’m going to pick a single one to keep it concise. Argo. If you know, you know.

SSC: Other than bass-focused music, are there any other genres or artists you are particularly fond of currently?

R: Things like Danny Brown, Yussef Dayes, Miles Davis, Peggy Gou, James Blake, Everything Everything, Aretha Franklin, Nirvana, Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar, Fleetwood Mac, IDLES, CasIsDead… I could keep going but this is already a lot hah!

SSC: What’s on the horizon for Rygby? Anything exciting coming up?

R: Halcyon Days 01.01.2020… (cryptic I know but watch that… just watch)

SSC: And finally, if you could give one piece of advice for those wishing to follow in your path, what would it be?

R: Don’t battle against yourself – there are enough things to battle against which are going to try and slow your progress. If you like how something sounds then you like how it sounds! Don’t let your ideas about other peoples opinions on you or your music affect your creative process. Love what you make, make what you love and finish songs. Always finish the songs.

Big respect to Joe for taking the time to speak with us! Keep up with all things Rygby at the following link:

Rygby w/ Chonk Mob (2018)